Sports Massage

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Prior to graduating as an osteopath David practised as a sports massage therapist and continues to offer this treatment due to its effectiveness and popularity with patients. David has tutored in post graduate Masterclasses for sports massage and believes it can be of great value to patients along side osteopathic evaluation and treatment.
Sports massage is for clients who are seeking a massage treatment for specific muscular aches and strains or for those who are seeking an effective massage.

Sports Massage defined

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A discipline of using advanced massage techniques for the specific benefit of those engaged in sport. Sports massage therapists learn anatomy to a higher standard than therapeutic masseurs, and are able to apply effective treatment to specific muscles ligaments and tendons. This treatment is excellent for aching muscles back ache, pre event massage and post event massage. Some studies have shown it can boost performance.

Deep Tissue Massage

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Use of robust massage techniques that are very effective at treating chronic muscle tone. A high level of skill and control makes this a popular treatment option.