The Kinesio Taping Method was founded by Dr Kenso Kaze in 1979. Since then it has grown in popularity especially in sports due to its effectiveness, when applied correctly.

The range of applications is very wide. From easing common back pain;

To arms.....

and ankles..

Personal Testimony

A colleague had urged me to try a new taping system and I had ordered a sample. So when the second degree ankle sprain occurred the Kinesio Tape was at hand. However, I did not use the tape initially. Instead I opted for the more common inelastic taping. I was able to stand, and hobble. After a day my ankle looked as in the picture below. I then tried the Kinesio Tape and to my amazement I could walk- slowly-with remarkably little pain. Since then I have completed several courses in The Kinesio Taping Method and frequently recommend the tape to patients.

D De Andrade

Use of Kinesio Tape pictures with permission of Kinesio UK Ltd